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This is an official promotion of Animal Adventure Park.
Here's how this promotion works – we want your help choosing the name of April's new baby calf. It's a male! For about 10 days you can vote on any name or names you choose for April's new calf. You even get to decide your own spelling. Come back and vote as many times as you'd like.
After the end of the first part of the contest we will reveal the top ten names. Then you can come back and vote on any of those 10 names.
The second phase of the promotion will last about 5 days.
At the end of voting we will reveal the winning name!

Funds raised will be split:
1) Giraffe Conservation Efforts in the wild We will continue to build towards our banked contribution to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
2) Ava's Little Heroes An event named after the daughter of the park owners, who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy. The funds generated for this annual campaign support local families and their children experiencing unexpected medical journeys and expenses.
3) Animal Adventure The park will continue to improve the animal and guest experiences at the park with further improvements and projects - helping further our message and mission of education.